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Saint Paul Square district gets its name from the Old St. Paul Episcopal Church constructed in the late 1800’s in the Gothic revival style.

This area grew significantly with the arrival of the railroad system in 1877 and, later, the “Cemetery Line” of the street car system in 1890.  This turned Commerce Street into the commercial corridor’s main artery.  Years later, the prohibition era brought the speakeasy concept to life, and San Antonio was not left out of this movement as we became known as “Little Chicago”.  In fact, the walls of this basement were not only hiding alcohol consumption in the 1920s, but Cellar Mixology hid other secrets under its rose, including the fair belles of a bordello.

Amongst these soiled doves (ladies of the night) was Beatrice, who met her untimely death in the courtyard at the hands of a doting customer when she refused his advances.  It is now whispered that within these walls her ghost is still seeking to be asked for by her admirers, and she can be seen roaming these basements longing for a late-night call.  The secrecy and romantic history of this location inspired Gerardo and Thomas to marry it with the sub-rosa concept (“under the rose”), which denotes secrecy and confidentiality.  Conjoining St. Paul Square’s rich history and the unique sub-rosa theory, the owners of Cellar Mixology came up with a unique speak-easy concept that they want to share with you.  Come down, wind down, get inebriated with our libations and aperitifs and always remember: under the rose, anything goes.

Hector Vargas

Head Mixologist

Born on August 2nd, 1974 in Laredo, TX and professionally bartending  since 1994.  Hector started as a bar back / bartender at The Liberty bar in 1996 and fell in love with everything  related to mixology. His drinks are a true reflection of passion, an art form that comes from the soul. Every time he creates a cocktail, “the person drinking it receives a piece of me” Hector assures.
His philosophy when it comes to creating a cocktail is influenced by none other than the THE Bruce Lee. As he believes that taste comes from the passion and the fire within each mixologist, he applies Lee’s philosophy: “Art calls for complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul”.

It doesn’t matter whether you order a signature drink, or a rum and coke. As long as you’re satisfied, I’m satisfied. I’m happy if I can see a smile on my guest’s face.

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